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February 21, 2020
Successful candidacy: Dr. Florian Brill elected to the Plenum of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce
In the 2020 plenary election of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, the electoral alliance Starke Wirtschaft Hamburg, of which Dr. Florian Brill was also a member, was able to win 71 % of all votes. Dr. Florian Brill successfully ran in the electoral group "Services" for medium-sized companies and will now represent his goals in the plenary session of the Chamber of Commerce. Dr. Brill and the entire electoral alliance "Starke Wirtschaft Hamburg" would like to thank you for the trust you have placed in us and for your great support over the past few weeks. Dr. Brill said about his motivation before the election: "My goals are to reunite the chamber in order to achieve that honorary and full-time office work together again in an optimal way. I would like the Chamber of Commerce to be perceived again as the voice of Hamburg's economy, loud and clear. This is important in order to tackle the challenges facing the City of Hamburg on the issues of digital transformation, the shortage of skilled workers and the dilemma of "transport space" vs. "commercial space" vs. "living space" for a golden future for the city. SMEs in particular need a chamber of commerce with a 360° view, so that it can be at your side in all phases, from start-up, through transformation, innovation and the development of new business fields, internationalisation, and the training and further education of skilled workers. This is what I will fight for, always taking the values of a family entrepreneur and VEEK as my foundation. So that Hamburg becomes even more successful."
January 28, 2015
Final EN 16615 alias "4-field-test" will be published in 2015
The final EN 16615 will be published in 2015. This is a completely new phase 2 step 2 test protocol for efficacy evaluation of surface disinfection procedures that has been developed mainly by the group of Dr. Jürgen Gebel of the University Hospital in Bonn, Germany. For the first time, a practice-like test is available for efficacy testing of wipe systems, which are used increasingly in the clinical practice. On a large PVC-carrier (20 x 50 cm) the impregnated wipe will be applied with a standardized procedure to simulate the disinfection of small surfaces. Disinfectants can be tested with a defined standard wipe or a different wipe, which is recommend by the manufacturer, also ready to use wipe systems can be tested according to the so called "4-field-test". The name comes from the fact that in this test assay not only the disinfecting efficacy on a contaminated surface is tested, but also the spread to other parts of the carrier. This will be tested on the remaining 3 fields, which have not been contaminated upfront. We participated at the CEN ring trials and established this method in our lab as a standard method. The test results from more than 30 different formulation show that the 4-field-test is challenging for the test preparations.We are performing efficacy testing of wipe systems since 2007. We developed our own method based on the EN 13697 and DGHM 2001, method 14. The published literature and our data are showing that there are many details influencing the efficacy of these systems including application method, impregnation volume and time, type of wipe fabric, processing of the fabric, type of disinfectant solution. We are sure that some of these and other new aspects influencing the efficacy testing of wipe systems will be discussed in the near future.If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
January 16, 2015
Save the Date: Conference of Applied Hygiene, Microbiology and Virology
Hamburg, 8 - 9 October 2015 Dr. Brill + Partner GmbH - Institute for Hygiene and Microbiology and the DR. BRILL ACADEMY proudly present in association with Life Science Nord GmbH the first Conference of Applied Hygiene, Microbiology and Virology in Hamburg, Germany. The conference will serve as a platform for scientific know-how and information transfer as well as a discussion forum focusing on efficacy testing, development, registration and application of infection prevention and control products such as disinfectants and antiseptics. The DR. BRILL ACADEMY seminars, annually performed since 2012, provided the basis for this conference. By extending the concept significantly, the conference will combine the knowledge of highly recognized experts of the applied sciences of hygiene, microbiology and virology with hands-on experiences from the user. Kindly see below an extract of the program:Efficacy testing of disinfectants and antiseptics 2020, special focus on efficacy testing of hand hygiene products, Chair: Dr. Jochen Steinmann and Dr. Florian H. H. Brill, Dr. Brill + Partner GmbH Institute for Hygiene and Microbiology, HamburgHot topic virus transmission, epidemics and control, Ebola, Hepatitis C, MERS-Corona, Chair: PD Dr. Eike Steinmann, University Hospital Hannover and Twincore Research Center, HannoverEpidemiology and Control of Multi-Drug-Resistant Organisms, Chair: PD Dr. Jörg Steinmann, University Hospital EssenMicrobiological Safety of Cosmetics, Chair: Dr. Ulrich Eigener, Hamburg.The conference will be held on October 8th and 9th in the Ameron Speicherstadt Hotel in Hamburg, which is located in the scenic and historic "Speicherstadt". Before the official opening of the conference on October 8th at 1 PM, a workshop covering the basics of microbiology, virology, efficacy testing and registration of infection control products will be held.We kindly invite specialists for research and development and registration from the infection prevention and control as well as medical device industry to attend the conference. Experts from competent authorities e.g. for biocidal product registration, interested scientists and medical doctors are also kindly welcomed to contribute to an open communication and know-how transfer between industry and user of the respective products.Please save the date. We would be more than happy to welcome you in Hamburg. For pre-registration please send an email to Mrs Gesche von der Lieth ( Further conference details including the program will be communicated very soon and published on our website scientific committee of the Conference of Applied Hygiene, Microbiology and Virology (in alphabetical order):Dr. Florian H. H. BrillDr. Holger BrillPD Dr. Eike SteinmannDr. Jochen SteinmannPD Dr. Jörg Steinmann
January 9, 2015
Extension of our Scientific Advisory Board: ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Ojan Assadian, DTMH
Since 09.01.2015 Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ojan Assadian is part of the scientific advisory board of Dr. Brill + Partner GmbH. We are very pleased that Univ.-Prof. Dr. Assadian will enhance our scientific know-how with his outstanding expertise in the fields of epidemiology, prevention and therapy of infections.Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ojan Assadian was born in Vienna. He has a board certification for hygiene and environmental health and is an expert for infectiology and tropical medicine. With several breaks due to temporary employment abroad, he was working for the Medical University Vienna and the General Hospital of Vienna – medical university campus – since 1999. In January 2015, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ojan Assasdian took over the professorship for "Skin Integrity and Infection Prevention" at the University of Huddersfield in the UK and took over the scientific lead of the correspondent institute. His medical interest is focusing on diagnostic, therapy and prevention of infection diseases with a special focus on epidemiology and prevention of nosocomial infections as well as therapy and prevention of wound infections.Univ.-Prof. Dr. Assadian is reviewer and co-editor of international scientific journals, editor and author of two textbooks in the field of cleaning, disinfection, sterilization and general hygiene as well as author of more than 190 international publications. In addition, he is president of the Austrian Society for Hospital Hygiene (ÖGKH).