BB SimReal© method – simulated reality in the laboratory

The BB SimReal method uses various standard methods (EN, ISO, DIN, ASTM), but adapts them to the actual conditions in practical application, for example by selecting more relevant test germs, using temperatures or exposure times that are closer to reality, the (additional) application of mechanics or the investigation of possible long-term effects. In this way, realistic conditions are simulated in the laboratory and thus show the effect of the product under application conditions without losing the informative value of a standard method.

Always the right method

Of course, we also test classically according to standard methods, for example to detect antimicrobial effects during washing and cleaning:

  • Chemical textile disinfection for domestic use according to DIN EN 17658
  • Microbiological performance of household dishwashers according to IEC 63331
  • Effectiveness of laundry hygiene products according to ASTM E2406
  • Hygiene performance of dishwashers based on DIN 10512

Tests under accredited conditions

If the normative methods do not quite fit your needs, we will of course work with you to find the best way to test your products. Or we fall back on our strong network, which offers you tests under accredited conditions for these methods, for example:

  • Quantitative suspension tests according to DIN EN 1040/DIN EN 1275/DIN EN 1276/DIN EN 1650
  • Testing of disinfection performance on surfaces based on DIN EN 13697
  • Chemo-thermal laundry disinfection according to DIN EN 16616
  • Surface disinfection in the four-field test according to DIN EN 16615
  • Antibacterial activity on surfaces according to ISO 22196

Finally, as a partner of Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences, we are always happy to pave the way for further scientific research and cooperation.

Simply contact us and let us find the best solution together.

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